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2-D Art/Wall Pieces


Contemporary Glass



Miami Beach Convention Center, Hall D
Miami, FL

Booth #517
Jeff Wallin, Brian Usher, Shane Caryl


January 20-24, 2011
Palm Beach County Convention Center, Palm Beach FL

Booth #112

Brian Usher, Jeff Wallin, Chad Holliday,
Lukas Mjartan, Oliver Lesso, Daniella Turrin ...


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SOFA Chicago
November 5 - 7, 2010

Festival Hall, Navy Pier
600 E. Grand Ave., Chicago, IL

We will have an exciting new mix of works by
Martin Rosol, Jeff Wallin, Chad Holiday,
and a few surprises by
Kathleen Mulcahy

Booth #1303


We had a great show thanks to:
Daniela Turrin, Jeff Wallin, Alex Gabriel Bernstein, Chad Holliday and Lukas Mjartan
... for providing us with fabulous art to present!!!!

VITREOGRAPH print show
March 27 thru April 25, 2009

Opening Reception: Friday, March 27, from 5 - 8 p.m.
Exhibition runs through April 25, 2009

MORE Images

In conjunction with the Global Implications: Southern Graphics Council Conference we feature print works by
Dale Chihuly, Harvey Littleton, Therman Statom, Richard Jolley, Anne Wolff, Shane Ferro...
these masters are know for their works in contemporary glass ... after their visit to Littleton Studios they have also reflected their visions onto paper - via vitreography. These works are excellent historical/documentary additions to existing collections, and desirable on their own merits.

A vitreograph is a print from a glass matrix. These hand-pulled prints are achieved through intaglio or planographic processes. Pioneered in modern printmaking by glass artist Harvey K. Littleton in 1974, vitreography has been the focus of creative and technical efforts at Littleton Studios since 1981. Float glass plates ?" thick, commonly used for windows or shelving, are run through an etching press for both the intaglio and planographic prints.

Glass is an excellent material under compression which, combined with its near perfect elasticity, results in no degradation of the image under pressure. Glass plates are inert to the chemicals in inks, resulting in brilliant color that is free of oxidation contamination. Vitreography uses readily available materials and is a relatively environmentally conscious form of printmaking.

Intaglio vitreographs are achieved by abrading the surface of the plate by blasting with sand or Carborundum; frosting and etching with hydrofluoric acid and/or grinding with diamond tip tools or other hard points or wheels. These techniques create recessed areas in the glass surface that will hold ink. Planographic vitreographs are made using a stencil of silicone over water-soluble drawing materials. After the silicone is cured and the drawing is washed out, the plates are rolled up and printed like traditional a lithograph, but without water. The silicone layer repels ink in non-image areas.


Tomas Brzon - FlowerChad Holliday - Azure Ascent

MARCH: TransAtlantic Ties:
Tomas Brzon and Chad Holliday

Opening Reception Friday, March 6
5 to 8 pm

thru April 4, 2009

We featured Chad Holliday last summer, as he returned from a year in the Czech Republic on a Fullbright fellowship. While in Europe, Chad became friends with Tomas Brzon... this March, we will spotlight the cathedral-inspired cast sculptures of Chad Holliday contrasted against his friend's more abstracted, classically-Czech works.

Both artists' works are well-executed and reasonably priced

at the
Friday, March 20 thru Sunday, March 22, 2009
for more information on the show



Scott Schroeder's "Core Sample" sculptures convey messages of personal introspection and life-journeys. We are pleased to have the first new work in 2 years from this talented, thoughtful artist and consummate craftsman.

Scott began working in glass in 1982. He taught a number of glass workshops for more than a decade. In the past twenty years, he has worked with many artists, architects, and glass studios. In 1996, he relocated from Kansas City to Portland, Oregon, where he managed Savoy Studio’s kiln-formed glass division until 2000. At present, he is a studio artist and partner in Finley Design.


JANUARY 9, from 5 to 8 p.m.- Spotlight exhibition / Susan Longini
Susan’s graceful, falling-leaf wall sculptures (pate-de-verre) are elegant, poetic and striking illustrations of Nature brought indoors.
Also showing artists: Matthew Cummings, J.B. Wood, Alex Bernstein, Alessandro Casson and Jeff Wallin.


PRISM Contemporary at
Booth #1605

Returning Favorites: Alex Fekete, Jeff Wallin, Scott Schroeder, J.B. Wood and Brian Usher.

SOFA debut: Alessandro Casson, Lukas Mjartan, Trinh Nguyen, Toru Sato, and Daniela Turrin.

Featuring both the latest & best works from our usual roster of talent, as well as several artists new to the gallery. The exhibition also serves as a sneak-peek at the artists and works to be featured in our programming for the following year.

Artists Include:
Milos Balgavy, Alex Bernstein, Eoin Breadon, Alessandro Casson, Kathleen Elliot, Alex Fekete, Toshio Iezumi, Oliver Lesso, Elizabeth R. Mears, Lukas Mjartan, Martin Rosol, Toru Sato,
Daniella Turrin, Brian Usher, Jeff Wallin, J.B. Wood ...


Eastern Exposure
Saturday, July 12, 2008

MCGAG Members / Collectors Preview: 11:30 2 p.m.
Public Reception: 3 to 6 p.m.

A feature of Eastern European artists ... cast, blown and optical glass techniques included.

Oliver Lesso, Milos Balgavy, Vlastislav Janacek, Frantisek Janak, Lukas Mjartan, Miroslaw Stankiewicz and Rafal Galazka, Chad Holliday & Brian Usher.

GUEST SPEAKER: Chad Holliday
at 12 noon Saturday, July 12

IMAGE: Milos Balgavy, Flower III


Singular Forms : Trans-Minimalist Sculpture

Opening Reception:
thru July 5, 2008


In visual art, post-minimalism refers specifically to the work of those artists who utilize minimalism either as an aesthetic or conceptual reference point. The term refers less to a particular movement than an artistic tendency. In this exhibition, we use the term Trans-Minimalist to examine that impulse toward reduction, restraint, and lucidity.

The artists featured here sought to define the essence of form and/or color, stripping away decoration, narrative and illusion with these works. Many of the tenets central to minimalism are manifested here - planar or curved surfaces in strict relation to the whole; each object serves its purpose by carrying the exact message of itself and nothing more. With this group exhibition, however, we’ve taken curatorial liberty to include a wide, accessible array of sculpture to illustrate the breadth of the Minimalist continuum.


Glassblowing Demo with
When: -Sunday, May 18, 2008

Time: --12:30 p.m. / approximately 2 hours.

Where: Contemporary Studio of Glass Art
--------101 W. 61st St.

--------Westmont, IL 60559.
--------(630) 493-4527

Cost: --Free
--------RSVP / (312) 243-4885 / Limited space available

Light refreshments will be served

Those of you who have admired Afro’s captivating exercises in rich color, movement and texture will NOT want to miss this opportunity to get “up close and personal” with the Maestro from Murano!



an Introduction

Each of the featured sculptors credits a different inspiration
(architecture, erosion, tribal culture, the natural world), and the
resulting sculptures speak in different tongues.
Works presented begin as a blown glass shape – then, through sandblasting or carving, the sculptor subtracts and hones, refining the finished work by exposing layers underneath – or in some cases, eliminating them altogether.
Embellishment via reduction – it is a very painterly approach, and one we think is going to gain in importance in the coming years.
Artists participating: Alex Fekete, Eoin Breadon, Sean O'Neill, Slate Grove and Devin Burgess

Opening Reception: February 8, 2008 - 5 to 8 p.m

Saturday, February 9, 2008 1 to 4 p.m.
Eoin Breadon talks / 2 p.m.

exhibition thru March 29, 2008
have a catalog mailed to you
- Download a Catalog (pdf)


Pieces to arrive February 2008!

We are pleased to present the US debut of Daniela Turrin; an Australian artist working in glass. Her work has been exhibited and published internationally, (including thrice as a filalist in New Glass Review) and has been selected as a part of numerous contemporary glass surveys, including twice as a finalist in the prestigious Ranamok Glass Prize. Most recently, a large outdoor work was awarded the Kodak Sculpture Prize.

Her current series of works has been described as three dimensional "paintings" in glass. These works present as flat glass panels in which forms exhist only as shadow and light within the material.

The scale and painterly allusions of Daniella's work draw on a historical tradition of glass used within the architectural context, although her use of sculptural techniques and concepts firmly place it within a contemporary art context.

Miroslaw Stankiewicz and Rafal Galazka
Miroslaw Stankiewicz was born in 1969 in Szczecin. He graduated from a Fine Arts High School in Szczecin after which he painted for small art galleries and engaged in the advertising field. In the early 90's he got married and moved to Brzeziny. Rafal Galazka was born in 1973 in Brzeziny, became a self-taught artist while working as an automobile mechanic. The two met in a pub and started working together with glass in 1992 in an old barn which they turned into an improvised studio. From there the rest is history.

SOFA Chicago
November 2 through 4, 2007
at Navy Pier booth #1420
Returning Favorites: Afro Celotto, Kathleen Elliot, Greg Fidler, Janet Kelman, Elizabeth R. Mears, Martin Rosol, Jeff Wallin
SOFA debut: J.B. Wood, Claudia Borella, Matthew Cummings, Sean O’Neill, Binh Pho ... and this rare, exceptional work by expat Brian Usher.


through, November 24, 2007

PRISM Contemporary Glass is pleased to announce it is celebrating its Third Year Anniversary
with a spectacular show: our Anniversary Invitational! This exhibition will feature both the latest & best works from our usual roster of talent, as well as several artists new to the gallery. It is our intent to achieve a 50/50 balance between the two groups.
The exhibition also serves as a sneak-peek at the artists and works to be featured in our programming for the following year.

As such, PRISM’s Anniversary Invitational will feature new works by gallery favorites: Alex Bernstein, Afro Celotto, Kathleen Elliot, Greg Fidler, Janet Kelman, Elizabeth R. Mears and L Lindsey Mears, Martin Rosol... as well as new-comers such as Binh Pho, Matthew Cummings, Claudia Borella, Chuck Lopez, Nancy Klimley, Hugh McKay, Sean O'Neill, Paul Schwieder, Ben Sewell, Jeff Wallin, JB Wood... and others equally gifted.

Keep checking back for additional information and inventory !

Exhibiting excellence in contemporary glass sculpture.

SOLD OUT 2000 degrees has never been so cool ...

Join us for a Glass Blowing Experience

Watch demos
dinner catered by Feed

Saturday, October 13
BLOWING TIME SLOTS - 4 to 7 p.m.
(assigned one hour sessions)


Join in at any level you are comfortable with
Chicago Hot Glass located at: 1250 N. Central Park Ave

GLASSWeekend '07 at WheatonArts
- Millville, NJ
July 13, 14 and 15, 2007

PRISM Contemporary Glass is proud to present an array of works by a vibrant and diverse gathering of talent, hand-picked to pique your interest. Anchored by a few names you might just recognize, our overall presentation is that of freshness and discovery. checking back for details!
Join us… Booth #18

NEW Work:
Kathleen Elliot, Elizabeth R. Mears & L. Lindsey Mears
, Matthew Cummings, Nancy Klimley, Greg Fidler, Martin Rosol, Brian Benchek, Janet Kelman
NEW ARTIST:Claudia Borella, Sean O'Neill, J.B. Wood,
Fritz Schomburg

through July 28, 2007

PRISM Contemporary Glass is proud to announce the opening of this years’ second installment of its ongoing commitment to merging artists: Fast Forward part 2. While we generally nurture emerging artists and typically expect relatively rapid success for them, the artworks in FF2 are of such striking originality and excellence in execution that we predict even more meteoric success for these artists, each of whom brings a unique vision and/or experience to bear. MORE DETAILS

Artists will include: JB Wood, Katrina Ruby, Matthew Cummings, Nancy Klimley, Fritz Schomburg.

Download our 2007 CATALOG (pdf) or call us for your copy today! 312.243.4885

Alex Adams
Opens April 13 through May 12, 2007

PRISM Contemporary, in partnership with AM Projects, is pleased to announce: We’ve done it again! We are proud to introduce Alex Adams – a young talent whose message-laden sculpture transcends material.

Originally trained as a glassblower, Alex has worked with a number of the lauded artists in glass exhibiting today. However, he refuses to limit himself or his artworks to a particular medium, working with whatever material calls to him loudest.

Alex creates powerful, poignant, mixed media sculpture. His current “Boxcar” series combines glass, metal, and natural materials, and are metaphors for individual(s) in society, and at times the nature of society itself.

The boxcars imply motion, travel and movement. Though history, if not geography. At the same time, the box itself is a device to suggest containment – of the individual inside or of the trait of Society Alex wishes us to acknowledge.

For example, in “One Gallon Machine”, both the “car” and the jug are larger, more portly than the remaining pieces in the exhibition, suggesting consumption, gluttony, and waste. Is the reference to the individual, or to the whole of our society? In either case, the important questions of How and Why we consume are broached.

Similarly, the work entitled “Clean Sweep” fairly obviously references the act of cleaning, but goes beyond, asking us to identify and identify with the individual charged with that lowly task. Or perhaps it reminds us how we “sweep aside” those whose appearance or station makes us uncomfortable. Witness the dial on the side, clearly incremented, but lacking units – a joint reference to quantity and anonymity.

The remaining body of work is similarly charged with social commentary and challenge - each work is strong on its own merits; the body as a whole that much moreso.

Wednesday, April 18 thru Saturday, April 21, 10am – 6pm

Sunday, April 22, noon - 5 pm

Thursday, April 19 and
Saturday, April 21

5 - 8 pm

PRISM at PF: "Full Spectrum"
A group exhibition, featuring new works from PRISM Contemporary’s exceptional roster of emerging talent. A full spectrum of Artists & works from across North America, with a special feature on MI artists.
ARTISTS INCLUDE: Paul Runde (MI), Katrina Ruby (MI), Andrew Wu (MI), JB Wood (MI), Martha Croasdale (MI), Alex Adams, Cali Balles, Brian Benchek, Afro Celotto, Kathleen Elliot, Greg Fidler, Kimberley Haugh, Martin Rosol, Etsuko Ichikawa, Scott Schroeder, Jeff Wallin , Matthew Cummings...

- Offsite show: PF Galleries: 213 E 14 Mile Rd. Clawson, MI 48017-2172
(312)371-1279 phone

Download our SPRING 2007 CATALOG (pdf) or call us for your copy today! 312.243.4885

BRIDGE ART FAIR: with AM projects
April 26 through 30, 2007
- Offsite show: Chicago Merchandise Apparel Mart, IL
booth #64
more information and the list of participating artists

Sunday, April 29, 2007
9:30 am to noon

join us and 7 other West Loop galleries for a strolling brunch (and lots of art) before heading over to the Mart for Art Chicago and the Bridge Art Fair!


Like Art?
Seduced by Color?
Fascinated by Form?

This exhibition was designed just for You: reasonably-priced, superbly crafted works – beyond decorative…within reach.
Join others just like you in discovering the possibilities that contemporary studio glass offers.


Exhibition runs through March 31, 2007

Some of the participating Artists include: Cali Balles, Etsuko Ichikawa, Brent Cole, Ian Duncan (IL), Todd McClure, Beth Fishman, Anna Lee Chalos-McAleese, David Hering, Christopher Morrison, Joseph Hobbs, Martha Croasdale, Marc Vandenberg, Doug Randall, Ethan Stern, Jeremy Newman/Allison Ciancibelli, Bridget Boss, Gartner/Blade, Greg Fidler, Marc Leva/Ellen Abbott...more to be announced

Cali Balles Etsuko Ichikawa Joseph Hobbs

SOFA Chicago 2006
November 10-12 @ Navy Pier
...the Show went great!

Function + Art and PRISM Contemporary Glass
were proud to once again participate in SOFA-Chicago (Booth #425)
– with a strong and varied lineup of artists working in all your favorite media.
For a PREVIEW of each artist, a
s well as special event times (demos & booksigning),
please visit our special SOFA page at

For more about these shows, see our Fall Newsletter (click to download)

Henry Hillman - Multi Colored Ingot SpiralKathleen Elliot - Botanical: Red BerriesBrian Benchek - Observer


Opens Saturday, September 16, 2006
5:00 - 8:00 pm

Exhibition runs through November 30, 2006

PRISM Contemporary Glass had its beginnings in September 2002, with a stated mission to focus primarily on emerging and underrepresented artists. In the course of exhibiting such talent, the New become the Familiar, and the cycle begins again.

It is in the spirit of rebirth and renewal that we present to you our 2nd Anniversary Invitational. You will see exceptional new works from a broad array of artists; those we’ve represented before, some new to us, and some new to all – nearly two dozen, in all.

Whether new work or new artist… we are excited by both the vision and the method of expression. We are pleased therefore to share with you our Anniversary Invitational 2006!

Artists include:
Brian Benchek, Alex Bernstein, Bridget Boss, Robin Cass, Afro Celotto, Jessica Cope, Paul Elia, Kathleen Elliot, Greg Fidler, Kimberly Haugh, Henry Hillman, Jr., Kathleen Holmes, Peter Houk, Kay Hyewook Huh, Vlastislav Janácek, Janet Kelman, Jiyong Lee, Elizabeth Mears, Martin Rosol, Paul Runde, Scott Schroeder, Ethan Stern, Jeff Wallin...

A color catalog is available - Please inquire - 312.243.2780 / email