“Fast Forward 2”
thru July 28, 2007
at PRISM Contemporary Glass - 1048 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607

through July 28, 2007

PRISM Contemporary Glass is proud to announce the opening of this years’ second installment of its ongoing commitment to merging artists: Fast Forward part 2. While we generally nurture emerging artists and typically expect relatively rapid success for them, the artworks in FF2 are of such striking originality and excellence in execution that we predict even more meteoric success for these artists, each of whom brings a unique vision and/or experience to bear.

JB Wood comes to the medium having first participated as a collector. Upon retiring from his first career, he decided to go back to school and learn the art of sculpting in glass firsthand. The resulting works exhibit an excellence of execution that is rare among “beginners”. His clean, abstracted geometric cast forms are powerful, with superlative translucence and project solidity and permannce. Inspired by the legendary team of Libensky & Brychtova, JB speaks clearly in his own voice while paying homage to acknowledged Masters.

Katrina Ruby offers a wonderful contrast to JB’s work; her delicate pate-de-verre (with steel) sculptures speak to fragility, delicacy, and transience - a frozen moment, a frozen landscape - spare, yet reveling in the present while holding the promise of the future.

Fritz Schomburg, (PhD - cellular biology), allows us a view into his particular miniature world, with cast, pulled-cane, and pate-de-verre works which evoke a cross-section of floral stems. His complex process yields thick, juicy rings of color, separated by impossibly thin, delicate walls, or the reverse: thick fields of clear with impossibly thin walls of color, often reading as solid color from one angle, and delicate lace from head on. Continuing the theme of juxtaposition, the smooth, precise front and back surfaces are joined by a rough, textural surface at the sides, offering a more tactile element.

Matthew Cummings, a protege of renowned sculptor Stephen Rolfe Powell, brings us blown works that illustrate glass’ ability to communicate motion and movement. His Gestural Pairs (and trios) - beyond being technically excellent sculptural forms individually - intertwine, bend, bow, and relate to each other as dancers, lovers, or perhaps family. The effect of their sensuous curves is multiplied by his use of color - the combinations of individual colors combining to further the message of unity and creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Nancy Klimley has perhaps the most experience of the artists in this group, having worked in the medium since 1993, and has been exhibited for the past 5 years. However, her new body of kiln-cast work marks a higher sculptural achievement, from content and material perspectives. She has clearly mastered her material and method, and while architectural and textile references continue to present themselves, she is moving beyond the decorative object into compositions that offer additional sculptural content.

As a group, the exhibition offers an early look at technically proficient, adventurous artists, at a point where we believe their work and reputation(s) will accelerate rapidly.

Fast Forward 2 will open with a free public reception on Friday, May 18, from 5-8pm. The exhibition will continue through June 30.

ABOUT THE GALLERY:Founded in 2004, PRISM’s focus is on emerging and established (but under-represented) artists, innovative processes and cutting-edge techniques- yielding artworks from sensual to architectural. Rather than show the same 20 or so artists that “everybody else” does, PRISM will feature
tomorrow’s “stars”… today, at a variety of pricepoints.

PRISM is about access… Access to the next generation.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday, 10am to 6pm,
other times by appointment.

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PRISM Contemporary Glass
1048 w. fulton market, chicago, il 60607