JB Wood

After such a long journey to formally entering the art world as “artist” (in lieu of part-time “collector”), why do I “do” glass sculpture? For me the answer is contained in one word – Beauty:

- In the infinite possibilities of glass – where I find a universe of sculptural opportunities that block out the everyday cares of an increasingly violent, dangerous, and 24x7 world.

- In the captivating rhythms of color and form.

- In the wonderful creative process “surprises” of random mutations and fortuitous accidents.

- In glass’ multiple surface variations – from so silky you can’t help but caress with touch – to so sharp an edge that the very room the piece sits in is split into irreparable pieces.

- In the heft of each nearly-completed piece in my hands as I take the final decisions on stance and polish.

- In color shifts from variations in thickness, in shadow effects of intersecting and angled planes, and in the subtle color variations oveer time from sunrise to sunset.

Most of the pieces were executed in 45 percent lead crystal, cut and polished on one or more surfaces.
The vast majority of the work was cast a CCS Glass Studio as part of my BFA studies.

AACG Artist of the Month write-up