Oliver Lesso

In glass I capture my feeling as a materialised moment. For me glass is a mass – non-mass, a moment, which is and is not, which lasts and fades. The exceptionality of glass as a medium lies in its depth, in its interior space I work with, I create the architecture of inner space in a solid mass with optical properties. I exploit the properties of glass, which does not enclose the inner space trough its transparency, but only defines it, enabling me to express in one distinct form a multitude of thoughts and feelings. In my work I make use of the characteristics of depth, reflection, and as a sculptor, I model the inner space in the defined mass. I do not follow the path of fourth dimension. Even though working in glass enables diverse views which I perceive and accept as a sculptor, for me the simplicity and purity of form in creation is a priority, and the essential thing is to work with the depth of space. Therefore, to structure my works, I use pure geometrical shapes, such as prisms, hemispheres, cubes in the proportion of the golden cut..., which emphasese the inner drawing through their purity. The minimalist form of shape which competes not with the architecture of inner space. Glass as a unique material allows me to express thousands of ideas and thoughts in one form, to fill the volume with conceptual and aesthetic contents. The knowledge of this medium enables me, through sensitive touches, to instil my individual style and originality into that wonderful material.

Glass allows me to write poems, I am like a poet who writes in glass, thoughts as an icy sun which shines and dims at a certain moment, a freezing wind which blows, cools for a moment, a frosty echo...
The eyes, though icy or blue, are the gates to the body.