Miroslaw Stankiewicz & Rafal Galazka

Miroslaw Stankiewicz and Rafal Galazka are young Polish artists who create art glass. They have come a long way in the development of their work - from creating simple functional glass forms with the use of primitive tools and techniques, all the way to their masterly skilled decorating techniques and methods, which have helped them create real masterpieces of glass. Their art combines techniques with proficient use of symbols and humorous metamorphoses of the surrounding world. In 1999 two prestigious art galleries decided to exhibit their works, "Kociol artystyczny" in Krakow, "Zapiecek" in Warsaw and "Fish Bone" in Atlanta. After these events their works signed "StanMir GR" (derived from the artists' initials) became recognizable for those interested in art glass. Their unique works began receiving great admiration and recognition from both art critics and art collectors. 2001 was the next turning point in their careers; a cover and an article published in "Galeria", one of the largest art magazines in Poland, and then coverage in "Zycie", a high-volume daily newspaper, both officially acknowledging the presence of Stankiewicz and Galazka in the artistic circles of Poland. "The message contained in our works is built on various levels, and multiple meanings can be applied to it. We want even the most inconspicuous floral ornament to become a symbolic transformation of natural beauty and the result of deep contemplation. Each of our compositions - is based on mythological themes, or inspired by the literary works of Cervantes, Lewis Carroll, and the Grimm brothers and portrays the poetic beauty of floral and animal subjects, full of stories that ask to be told", the artists say.