Artist Statement
Translucent, fragile, fluid yet hard, free blown Glass and its magical depths became my creative friends and explorer over a decade ago. Over this time span, transparency, translucency, bottomless variety of form and unyielding nature of Glass gained my affection permanently. Maybe that’s why I allow Glass to retain its “creative license” to complete my ideas – anywhere between its extremely hot and super-cooled liquid stages. I am fascinated by Glass’ ability to take in and contain light resulting in reversed plasticity.

To be honest, I do respect Glass in its naturally polished state, however I find only occasional use for it in my creative processes. Sandblasting allows me to better define objects endowing them with more palpable volume and “readability”. If there is polished surface, I use it sparingly, mostly to highlight form-defining curves or to emphasize distance. In the deliberate absence of color, it’s the purity of form buttressed by the power of negative space takes on the center stage.

Objects I create can be characterized by simple, almost graphic representation of space and volumes. Glass in the state of flux unified with my imagination both participate in the process of creation. This way, Glass lives as an active and indispensable ingredient, in much more than just literal way.
In the creative process itself, I spend endless hours searching for what to include, but predominantly exclude, looking for that bare minimum, capable of supporting my idea before it dissipates. Testing the idea in hot and cold shops follow. Making it happen, is then only matter of hours (quite a few), some skill and luck.


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