Ian Duncan

I work with glass because of its versatility as a medium. Its many inherent qualities allow me a means to express my ideas. The advantages of producing three dimensional glass forms include its transparency and opacity, which allow light to be manipulated through use of color, texture, and layering. Glass contains light. Whether it's a solid or hollow form, it can reflect, refract, or even glow.

Glass has an uncanny ability to imitate. I portray familiar objects in glass to impersonate consumer products. Glass lends its plasticity to give the forms a hand-crafted feel. My current body of work deals with a variety of large scale glass fishing lures that remind me of fishing trips I went on with my dad when I was growing up. I have enlarged the scale of these baits to attract the viewer with luscious color and form. I've emphasized the attraction and allure that glass has on people, by hanging them in the viewer's personal space. Posing the question of what lure an individual finds most attractive. It's almost like I'm fishing for people with glass. The installations invite the viewers to interact and become part of the work as they mingle around each lure, inspect them, and ultimately find a favorite. When they do, smiles come to their faces as these forms are very whimsical and inspire a sense of fun through their vibrant colors and artificial nature.

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