Martha Croasdale

Living near water presently, and growing up on a lake, I have a deep affinity for the special environment of the Great Lakes region. My family immigrated to the United States and initially lived in Chicago. Members of my family live in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. Fresh water is central in all of our lives, for recreation and renewal. I believe this inspired my interest in glass for all its fluid and transparent qualities. Cast glass is an expressive material, liquid and solid, visibly accessible from the outside to the inside. Its ability to act as a vehicle for color and light gives glass an ethereal and spiritual presence.

In the artwork “Dream River” I am using vibrant color and the movement of light and sculpted forms to give the impression of moving water. The poetic gestures of this art work embodies the theme of “Flow”.

I have been working with glass for twenty-five years and casting glass since 1990. I am very interested in working with color in glass. Color is a foil for emotions of all depths; it dramatically effects ones interpretations and associations.

Nature is my inspiration in creating art, especially gardening. Observing growing flowers, seeing plants twinning, unfurling, and opening, all these things I find very beautiful. Natural motion, as subject matter, is a quiet theme within my work. Where and how the glass will flow when it is melting is an essential part of planning my work.

In inventory:
Dream River III
9 x 18 x 2" each (wall panels)
Cast lead crystal
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