Milos Balgavy

"I offer something to contemplate which is very serious. I don’t offer a smile. At the present time, it is about spontaneous process. I am fascinated by the constant fight between toughness and fragility, a struggle going on continuously in its own microworld. I am trying to establish the basis of my artwork and at the same time I am reflecting on it. This way, I am allowing myself to create something new again. It is not minimalism. It is not to be inspired by nature. These are shapes into geometrical forms - colored studies within the realm of possibility."

"I love colours. When it comes to colours, though, I do not dictate them to the material. It is the art of the possible. It is a test with glass. Undoubtedly it is a communication, it is my language and my fulfilling, searching inside me, my transformation. In my glass objects, are embraced my dreams and desires. In my artwork, I like to walk on the edge of possible and impossible. I am offering light, which is my fourth dimension, and fragility. The more fragile things and phenomena are, the more demanding they are."

"In glass globes I am offering to people their own portraits - the opportunity to observe themselves in different optics. That is my communication. I am constantly influenced by potentialities - availability or lack of availability of material and of treatment, and whether I am able to overcome the difficulties."

"All my youth, I desired contact with materials. I was searching for the most beautiful material and with it I want to win my battle. I want the most gorgeous glass and a treatment with absolute purity. I do not speak about exceptionality of glass. For me glass is exceptional."

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